Theme: Personalized Learning
Organization Level: Classroom
Critical elements: Educators in higher performing community colleges are convinced all students can achieve at higher levels when the appropriate academic needs are met. They plan all instruction with all students in mind. A variety of instructional strategies are used to help improve student performance.
Practice: Collaborate with colleagues on instructional practices and strategies to effectively support the needs of all students.

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CriteriaLess Effective PracticesSuccess Factors for Meeting State StandardsSuccess Factors for College and Career Readiness
Building Personalized Relationships with Students

Faculty maintain limited personal connections with students and provide a curriculum that emphasizes content over engagement.

Educators believe that given the right amount of time and using the right instructional practices, all students can reach their academic goals. Faculty establish personal connections with students and focus on student engagement as a key indicator for student performance.

Educators believe that all students can reach their academic potential. They communicate this belief daily via their classroom culture. Faculty also have structured roles to support students outside of the classroom, provide longer term advising, and facilitate broader engagement with the campus.

Data and Support for Individualized Instruction

Educators have little access to student data beyond performance on coursework, to inform individualized instruction or advising.

Educators value and have access to the data and to resources that can help them understand students broader needs and abilities and inform how they teach.

Educators participate in regular reviews of student progress and performance, with access to structured institutional supports that are designed to reinforce individual student success. Students have access to both a suite of resources and individualized support. Educators promote intensive student engagement in every lesson taught while also monitoring and closing daily skill gaps for students.

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