Theme: Personalized Learning
Organization Level: Institution-Level
Critical elements: Leaders in higher-performing institutions are convinced all students can achieve at high levels. Individualized learning differences are recognized and personalized programs are developed so students can reach their potential.
Practice: Deploy resources and guidance to support all efforts to prepare students for academic success.

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CriteriaLess Effective PracticesSuccess Factors for Meeting State StandardsSuccess Factors for College and Career Readiness
Flexible Data-Driven Interventions

The institution uses a single college entry assessment to determine students entry-level academic placement. Most students are placed in a remedial level in math and English.

The institution has a clear campus-wide vision for meeting the needs of all students. Data are disaggregated to better understand the needs of students. The institution is transitioning to the use of multiple measures in determining a more accurate placement of students in English and math.

The institutions goal ensures a campus-wide vision at all levels for meeting the needs of all students. Data are disaggregated to understand the different needs of various subpopulations that allow differentiated and scaled improvement strategies. The institution is determined to use multiple measures to accurately identify the appropriate academic level of placement of each student in English and math.

Innovations for Personalization

The institution has few resources that support ongoing personalized support.

The institution has created optional programs in areas such as assisting with smoother transitions, creating clearer pathways for coursework, which reach segments of students.

The institution is committed to creating programs that support all students in receiving personalized supports. Institution leaders support meaningful innovations such as summer bridge programs, developing curricular alignment from high school to college, and establishing clear pathways for coursework.

Funding for Personalized Learning

The college has combined various grants that provide personalized support to specific populations, reaching small numbers of students.

The college has leveraged larger grants and restructured internal funding to support personalized support, reaching a large number of students.

The college has secured ongoing funding, allocated institutional resources, and redefined staff and faculty roles so that all students can receive personalized support.

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